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Gernot Kalb
 Gernot Kalb
 Founder and Owner 

We are a boutique consulting, training, coaching, and interim management organization coming from Germany - founded in 2006 by Gernot Kalb, whose expertise builds on more than 11 years of work experience as project leader and manager in large corporations in Asia, Europe, and USA.

We stand for a specialized, international network which can conceptualize and deliver innovative training and consulting solutions to organizations.

To deliver to our clients’ organizational objectives of continuous people and organizational development, these are our three pillars of success:

  1. German Professionalism
  2. Positive Management
  3. Practicality

Our business development and change management solutions "made in Germany" include:

  • Training:
    - Unique interval, non-invasive training and development solution: "Fit on the job - quick, practical, efficient"
    - Customized multi-level training solutions
    - Knowledge-management, networks of competencies
    - Training programs
  • Consulting, Coaching, Interim Management:
    - Accelerated Project Management (APM): "Speed up and safe your critical project"; project development
    - Unique Contribution Approach (UCA)
    : "Increase motivation and organizational energy"; management-,
      team-, and personal- development
    - Executive and business coaching
    - Process development, Strategy definition and implementation
    - Workshops and moderation

We offer unique value to our client organizations because we…

  1. Are an innovative team, working with clear targets,
  2. Combine German professionalism with empathy and inspiration,
  3. Lower response time which leads to speeding up processes,
  4. Develop custom solutions which are practical and co-created,
  5. Deliver quality work that offers great value for investment.